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31 December 2010 @ 01:09 am
List of RyuKo (Kamiki Ryunosuke/Fukuda Mayuko) fanfics.

Title: Invitation
Author: yukitan

Title: Bonds
Author: yukitan

Title: Fever
Author: yukitan

Title: Shin2 Dan
Author: yukitan
Note: Ongoing

Title: Four Seasons of Memories
Author: yukitan

Title: A Maiden's Heart
Author: yukitan

Title: Misunderstanding
Author: yukitan

Title: Strangers at the Intersection
Author: yukitan

Title: It's Only a Coincidence
Author: yukitan

Title: Your Envy, My Jealousy
Author: yukitan

Title: By the Field
Author: hikicha

Title: Ice Cream & You
Author: hikicha

Title: Two Is Better Than One
Author: macymacymacy

Title: Hearts in Hands
Author: macymacymacy

Title: My Fairy Tale
Author: macymacymacy

Title: Love Quotes
Author: macymacymacy
Note: scroll down to "- RyuKo -"

Title: A Boy-Girl Talk
Author: macymacymacy

Title: Macy's Inbox
Author: macymacymacy
Note: Message 8

Title: La La Land
Author: macymacymacy
Note: implied

Title: Christmas in February
Author: yukitan

Title: Little Devils
Author: macymacymacy

Last Update: April 09th 2011

Please let me know if I missed any. Thanks!
Thanks yukitan !

in most fandoms it's common to spazz about a pairing when their pics are next to each other in magazine, what about between the Ryuko shippers?
scan cr; aimuse
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20 October 2010 @ 01:41 am
Those ratings communities are the best for when we're bored XD
Cause I love lists and I'm bored but not tired yet (it's 1:48 am, daylight saving time), I'll post my results here

Bias is Sho, but I'm more like...Collapse )


Bias is Yoona, but I'm more like...Collapse )

LOL I haven't applied in many communities, only the 3 above. Even so, it's been almost/over an year.
I wanna apply on more.... maybe I'll do so tomorrow at work

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22 September 2010 @ 03:51 pm
This is so random. I'm at work right now and out of nowhere I hear Sakura Chirari playing. When I asked it was my cousing watching it on youtube, and they also said that they even looked up Suzuki Airi before, cause they were curious.

Haha it's so much fun XDD
Specially since they became Airi fans just by watching Sakura Chirari. Now it's Campus Life that is playing~

I asked them to play Dance de Bakoon! and Ooki ni Ai. They did, they were fine with it. Then I told them about Massara Blue Jeans, and well, they lol'ed a lot at the dance.
The guy besides me tells my cousin that he can switch from Sakura Chirari to Massara. I asked what he meant and he said that my cousin is always playing Sakura Chirari non-stop.
I loved finding that out XD
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